Our team is on a mission to bring
integrity back to the internet.
With Rewordly, that means
helping the best perspectives shine.

How we leverage the information we find online dictates its value to us and society. Without the right tools, and habits, all the information we find online becomes overwhelming noise, instead of timeless asset; our time becomes distracted, instead of leveraged; our arguments shallow instead of substantiated.

A lightbulb in the socket is worth
two in the pocket. - Bill Wolf (1950-2001) via MIT intro to Knowledge Management

Despite being plugged into what is effectively an oracle - the internet - there is a disconnect between how we search for information, and how we’re able to use it. The places we save to are organized in archaic, folder-based, back-end systems - even online - and the places we publish to limit us in character count or format.

Rewordly is an effort to solve this. A tool and platform which helps unify the act of learning online, with the ability to create and share. All while making related content organization more intuitive and helpful, and encouraging the critical thinking habits needed to help great information rise to the top.

We believe that making it easier to source, cite, and leverage the information we find online, can lead to better information habits, and better substantiated discourse.

The fact that this same function is invaluable to both students and knowledge-based professionals is a happy coincidence that only helps to spread the habit change we aim for.

If you have any questions, ideas, or thoughts about our mission, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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